Farmhouse Christmas Tree Box

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Open top farmhouse style box for Christmas tree base. Measures 16"X18" square. Inside measures 15"-16" square. Dark stained and coated with polycrylic for added protection. 

Please measure your tree stand carefully to be sure that your tree's stand will fit inside the dimensions of our box. Your stand will need to fit inside a space that has 15" sides. If in doubt, drop us a message before ordering. This item is non-returnable. 

*As all trees are different, customer should be prepared to add {removable} wood {2X4's} inside of your box under your tree stand to raise the tree height and ensure that the lowest branches clear the top of the box!*

*OGDS will not be responsible for warped or damaged wood from water. If you have a live tree, please take care to keep your box dry. We do coat with polycrylic to protect the wood but water could still damage it.*

*Lead time from order is approximately 2-3 weeks*



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